Concealed Weapon Carry Permits

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                                         “Can You Survive 3 Seconds?” is TAC-Solutions motto.  

The national average time civilians have to respond to an attack is 3-5 seconds. Most people do nothing and become a victim. Our business exists to help you have a plan ahead of time to stay safe.  

                                During the heat of battle is not the time to make a plan.

Concealed Carry Permit Classes

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Bob Moate's Sporting Goods

Firearms Training in Richmond, VA

10418 Hull Street Rd 

Richmond Virginia 23112 

(804) 276-2293

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Cabela's Short Pump

West Broad Marketplace

5000 Cabela Drive, Henrico, VA 23233 

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For concealed weapons carry permit in Chesterfield, Henrico and your concealed carry permit for VA contact TAC-Solutions. 

You have a right to feel safe and we work hard to provide you with relevant information. 

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Richmond, Virginia, United States

(804) 874-2344


              Regularly Scheduled Classes and                  By appointment  804-874-2344

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