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Dave Van Buren

You deserve to receive the highest quality Concealed Weapons Carry Permit class in Chesterfield, Henrico and Richmond, VA so on July 4th 2009, TAC-Solutions was created to provide that tactical firearms instruction.  Register Here 


Dee Dee Van Buren

Introducing our newest Firearms Instructor

Dee Dee Van Buren is now a certified 

NRA Firearms Instructor 

We have noticed the increase in women getting guns, their concealed carry permits and training for Personal Protection! Staying Safe is becoming more and more a concern for citizens. 

I think women feel more vulnerable than ever today. In the last year we have had many ladies approach us and share their concerns about being attacked. 

Dee Dee will be joining me in our "Can You Survive 3 Seconds?" Concealed Carry Class!  So tell you friends if they are ready to Learn how to use a Firearm to Save their Life & their Loved Ones!  

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TAC Solutions Instructors

TAC-Solutions instructors are former police department members. We provide Tactical Firearms Instruction in Richmond, VA in Chesterfield, in Henrico as well as concealed weapons carry permit classes. Personal firearms instruction with 

one-on-one attention on the range teaching you tactical handgun shooting. 

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       Instructors are decorated veterans of the Richmond Police Department and SWAT Team. Firearms training has been their area of expertise for over two decades. Dave was instrumental in designing and implementing advanced firearms training classes which are currently being utilized by the Richmond Police Dept.  Our instructors have completed training courses ranging from Carlos N. Hathcock Law Enforcement Counter Sniper School and  FBI Sniper school, NRA pistol rifle and shotgun instructor course many additional law enforcement and firearm course's.  

  TAC-Solutions instructors are former members of the Richmond S.W.A.T. Team  and were involved in over 200 S.W.A.T. missions. TAC-Solutions instructors were R.P.D. primary S.W.A.T. instructors, S.W.A.T. counter snipers and fire team leaders. They have also coordinated training and assisted in training scenarios with other police agencies, as well as the Virginia Tactical Association. We  bring a high level of shooting  and training skills.   Our students increase their shooting skills by 1 on 1 instruction with our instructors.    After his retirement from the Richmond Police Department, David became a Department of Criminal Justices Services certified instructor in the private security field. The Department of Criminal Justice Services has certified him to instruct the following courses:

 Core DCJS subjects 

Basic Firearms

Shotgun Course 

Advanced Handgun Course  

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10418 Hull Street Rd , Classes at Bob's Sport Shop , Richmond Virginia United States 23112

(804) 874-2344


Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

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