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Concealed Carry Class, Professional Firearms Training, Utah CCW

 "Can You Survive 3 Seconds?"  Every class we offer falls under this motto. 

You want to get your Concealed Carry permit  to be able to Save YOUR Life and the Life of your Loved Ones.

How do you make a Life Saving Decision Quickly and have the Muscle Memory to implement it? 

Every class we offer is designed to help keep you Safe from Harm. Feel free to call us with questions.


(804) 874-2344


We have regularly schedued classes  and  Personal One-to-One Firearms Training is by Appointment Only

Monday - Saturday By Appointment

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Tactical Handgun Conceal Carry Permit Class "Can You Survive 3 Seconds?"


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Concealed Carry Class

Can You Survive 3 Seconds?” Concealed Carry Class

Qualify for your Virginia Permit with 1 four hr. Class

Using a Gun to make a Life Saving Decision Quickly!

A “Wow” experience

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Utah Concealed Carry Class


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

 The Utah permit will give you reciprocity in all the states that Virginia gives you, plus Vermont, Delaware and Washington State. After taking the class and applying withUtah it takes at least 60, more likely 90 to 120 days, to get approved byUtah.     

 PRIVATE Classes available ( min 6)

Call Dave to set the Time & Date 804-874-2344

Defensive Handgun Training in Richmond, VA


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

 Professional Firearms Training Lessons are by appointment only Allow 2 hours per Session and  are conducted One on One

 Level I   $80.00/Session (2 hours) Basic Handgun Skill Development and Assessment  

Level II   $90.00/Session (2 Hours) Shoot Multiple  and Dictated Targets 

Level III    $100.00/Session (2 Hours)     

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