Dee Dee's NRA Tips and Tactics Video's

NRA Women.TV  "Tips & Tactics" They loved Dave's Conceal Carry Ideas and featured Dee Dee in the videos!  Here is the original interview about Refuse To Be A Victim.   

Home Protection

 Most of us feel safe in our home, but home invasions are a reality that you need to be prepared for. So where should you store your gun for quick, easy access? 

Creating A Safe Room

You probably have a plan if your house catches on fire, but do you have a plan if someone breaks into your home? According to a U.S. Department of Justice Study, if you are home when a criminal gains entry, there is a one in three chance of becoming a victim of violence  

Handgun Selection

 The first decision you need to make when selecting a handgun for concealed carry is choosing between a revolver and a semi-automatic. 

Ammunition for Self Defense

You are responsible for every bullet you shoot, so do your homework and make sure you’re using the right ammunition.  

Clearing A Malfunction

It’s imperative that you know what to do to get your firearm back in working order—especially if you’re using your firearm to defend your life. 

Utilizing Lasers

For personal protection, Lasers are a great option to help you acquire your target quickly and stop an attack Utilizing Lasers: 

Document Your Training

Documenting your training is physical proof that you take the responsibility of being a concealed carry holder seriously. It’s also one tool to protect yourself if you ever find yourself in a situation that leads to civil liability. 

Here is my adventure!

They loved my TV interview with Cam so... they looked at our website and saw how awesome Dave is, they wanted him too!

They loved his ideas about self-defense!   First I got an email from Kristin Cassidy and Becky Long with Ackerman McQueen, the NRA’s agency of record asking if I would consider being featured in “Tips & Tactics “a series on NRAWomen.TV. 

Of course I said Yes!! The "Tips & Tactics" series consists of short videos featuring straight-forward tips on anything from self-defense to competitive shooting and everything in-between. You can check out the series on our webpages listed below and on our YouTube Channel.   If I was available,  they wanted to film with me the week of March 23. As you know nothing went as planned and they arrived for filming the week of April 14. “We will need about two full days with you in order to complete our filming.” Hahaha, 2 long exhilarating and exhausting days!! Over 20 hours of filming for 14 minutes !!