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BRING 3 paying Friends and the 4th person is FREE at a regularly scheduled Class.

About us

TAC Solutions Instructors

You deserve to receive the highest quality Concealed Weapons Carry Permit class in Chesterfield, Henrico and Richmond, VA so on July 4th 2009, TAC-Solutions was created to provide that tactical firearms instruction.

RADS: Recognize & Avoid Dangerous Situations™  is a new program we have developed.  There are many situations where firearms are not appropriate or not allowed. We teach strategies to assist you on How to Avoid an Encounter and if you have to engage How to Survive. 

Highest quality concealed weapons carry permit class in Chesterfield, Henrico & Richmond. TAC-Solutions provide tactical firearms instruction

the Owner / Instructor

Dave Van Buren 

Dave is a decorated veteran of the Richmond Police Department and SWAT Team. Firearms training has been his area of expertise for over two decades. Dave was instrumental in designing and implementing advanced firearms training classes which are currently being utilized by the Richmond Police Dept.  He has completed training courses ranging from Carlos N. Hathcock Law Enforcement Counter Sniper School and FBI Sniper school, NRA pistol rifle and shotgun instructor courses as well as many additional law enforcement and firearm courses.  

Dave is a former member of the Richmond S.W.A.T. Team and was involved in over 200 S.W.A.T. missions. He was a R.P.D. primary S.W.A.T. instructor, S.W.A.T. counter sniper and fire team leader. He also coordinated training and assisted in training scenarios with other police agencies, as well as the Virginia Tactical Association. We bring a high level of shooting and training skills.   Our students increase their shooting skills by 1 on 1 instruction. After his retirement from the Richmond Police Department, David became a Department of Criminal Justices Services certified instructor in the private security field.
The Department of Criminal Justice Services has licensed him to instruct the following courses:

  • Core DCJS subjects
  • Basic Firearms
  • Shotgun Course
  • Advanced Handgun Course

the Instructor

Dee Dee Van Buren

Dee Dee Van Buren is a certified  NRA Firearms Instructor

We have noticed the increase in women getting guns, their concealed carry permits and training for Personal Protection!
I think women feel more vulnerable than ever today. In the last year we have had many ladies approach us and share their concerns about being attacked. 

Sharing Dave’s passion on crime prevention Dee Dee took courses with the FBI, DHS and the NRA. She soon became one of the top NRA instructors in the nation for their unarmed course. She was asked to be part of a nationwide committee to revamp this course where they incorporated all of Dave’s ideas. She spoke at the NRA’s Annual Women’s New Energy Breakfast and Dave’s material was featured in 7 “Tips & Tactics” videos for NRA Women TV. Dee Dee was asked to give the kickoff interview with Cam &Co. It was show at the NRA Annual meeting as well as on the Sportsman Channel.  

Dee Dee will be joining me in our “Can You Survive 3 Seconds?” Concealed Carry Class and our RADS “Recognize & Avoid Dangerous Situations” classes!  So tell you friends if they are ready to Learn strategies on how to  Save their Life & their Loved Ones! It’s our heart’s desire to help you Stay Safe.

We are well received as speakers and our classes often qualify for continuing education credits.

SWAM Certified.


Our Story

Dave was on the Richmond Police Force for over 26 years and the Richmond SWAT team for 20 years. No one spends 20 years on a SWAT Team 10 years is a big deal. It is 24 hours/day 7 days /week and very specialized training. He is a brilliant tactician! Every time he submitted his resignation, they’d say 1 more year! The only way he came off the team was when he retired!

He has opportunities all over the world to go in as an Instructor. He always says no because they may be our Allies today but what about tomorrow? So… to have someone of Dave’s caliber teaching civilians is rare. I am proud of him because he is following his heart.

We started our business after some friends wanted to get their concealed carry permit, so they called Dave. He did his due diligence and found what looked like on paper a good instructor and good school. They went got their firearm & permit and then asked us out to dinner. 3 hours later Dave looked at them and asked, “What did they teach you?” 

He took 3 months and designed our “Can You Survive 3 Seconds?” Concealed Carry Handgun Permit Class so our friends and clients could learn how to Save their Life and the Life of their loved ones.

Why do we call it “Can You Survive 3 Seconds?”

Many officers go their whole career and are never in a fire fight. Dave’s been in several, he is ok and the bad guys are ok. If you know someone who has ever been the victim of a violent crime you know it changes them. It not only changes them it changes the people who know and love them, and it has a ripple effect into the rest of the community.

Most of Dave’s career was spent as an undercover Police Officer in the Vice Division. Yes, he had the foo man chu and a ponytail, he looked rough when I met him over 30 years ago. That was when he was in his first shoot out. He realized early in his career the national average time civilians have to respond to an attacker is 3 to 5 seconds and Police Officers have even less time. He became obsessed with how do you make a Life Saving Decision Quickly and have the Muscle Memory to implement it?

He designed a Defensive Handgun Training course for the Richmond SWAT Team over 20 years ago. It is such a good course they still use it to this day and it is mandatory for all Richmond Police Officers to take his course. 

Needless to say I am very proud of my husband and his commitment to train us how to Stay Safe from Harm!!

RADS: Recognize & Avoid Dangerous Situations™ We have taken Dave’s expertise and the personal stories you have trusted to share with us to develop RADS. We are excited to offer a series of non-gun courses.

Over the years as you shared your experiences Dave put on his thinking hat to figure out what could you have done different to prevent the encounter. Unfortunately, you can do everything right and still be the victim of a crime. So if you find yourself in a situation What are your options? Dave has looked at many different scenarios What if your alone, or with the kids (are they toddlers or teenagers?) What if they have a physical or mental challenge? 

We have designed this course to cover topics including Home, Work, Recreation, and Travel Strategies, Current Criminal Trends, the Psychology of a Criminal & Proper use of Self Defense Devices, Technology Fraud, and Active Shooter Protocols.

We offer Customized Programs for Places of Worship, Workplace Violence prevention, Realtor Safety, & Your Business or Organization!

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