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Realtor’s Safety Training

A Crime Prevention & Personal Safety Strategies Program

Realtor’s Safety Training

Realtor Safety in Richmond, VA

"Keep Your Hands Off My Realtor"

TAC-Solutions developed this class specifically for Realtors. Some of our first Concealed Carry classes were attended by Realtors and some of our best friends are in the business. We soon realized it is a high-risk occupation.

We designed this 90-minute class. It covers the psychology of a criminal, current criminal trends, staying safe in the car, homes, open houses, and of course working late!! Proper use of self-defense devices and personal safety strategies are also covered.

We keep our prices low so we can reach as many real estate professional as possible. Cal today for a quote. Usually a strategic partner like a mortgage company pays our fee.

We are looking forward to working with you.

Realtor’s Safety Training | Realtor Safety in Richmond,VA | T.A.C.-Solutions

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