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Surviving an Active Shooter

Active shooter protocols

Surviving an Active Shooter


TAC Solutions provides safety training for churches, workplace violence protection, active shooter protocols, private events and fundraisers.

Learn About Active Shooter Protocols

Can You Survive 3 Seconds? Unfortunately Active Shooters in Public Places have increased in the last 4 years by three fold according to FBI reports. Since the San Bernardino  terrorist attacks unfortunately they are apparently increasing even more. TAC-Solutions teaches you about Active Shooter Protocols and Workplace Violence Prevention. We serve Chesterfield, Henrico, Richmond and all of Central Virginia.

The Mall shooting in Portland, OR had fewer lives lost because of the general public educating themselves on how to Stay Safe.
In an effort to spread the word on how to Stay Safe not only in public places but your car, home, work, recreational activities like running, travel,etc.

We are offering the family plan. 

During the heat of battle is not the time to make a plan!

  • Self-Defense Training Options
  • Carjacking Prevention Strategies
  • Use of Devices such as Pepper Spray, Tasers and

These are a few techniques to keep you & your loved ones safe. What might work for me may not feel comfortable for you. 

Customized Presentations for Business as little as $185.**

*Free 20-30 minute Presentations available

Watch this video several times! It has lots of valuable information.

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