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CHP Application & Resources

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CHP Application & Resources

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On this page you will find Concealed Carry Permit Forms and information for Permit Holders. Whether you’ve taken our class in Chesterfield, Richmond or Henrico.

Read the details for a VA Permit here

Click this link for the official

Concealed Handgun Permit Application for VA

Check out the Calendar of classes offered by TAC-Solutions and sign up today for a class near you.

Links to Accessories and Suppliers
Concealed Carry Purses
Holster’s and Equipment
Concealed Carry Purses
Concealed Clothing and Equipment 
Gunny Bag and Holster’s 
Laser Grips 
Concealment Holster Retention Clip

Links to Organizations and Resources

Legal Protection for Gun Owners 
Promo code: Davevb 
Only $10.95/month

Optically Correct Shooting Glasses

Conservative College 
Newsletter: Current Events with a
constitutional perspective 
Employee Handbooks for small businesses 
Virginia Citizens Defense League 
National Rifle Association,
the oldest civil rights organization 
National Rifle Association Political News 
Virginia State Police

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